Why You Need a Pair of Antique Wall Sconces

antique wall sconcesLooking for wall sconces to add a little bit of light and style to your home? How about a pair of antique wall sconces to add some vintage flair and class? Wall sconces and lighting in general can really set the mood of your house. There are plenty of uses for wall sconces, and adding a pair of vintage wall sconces can really tie the rooms of your home together.

  • A Little Light Goes a Long Way – Sometimes rooms in your house may seem dreary because there is not enough light. Wall sconces can provide enough light to a room without being overbearing.
  • Accent Art & Architecture – A pair of wall sconces can be used to accent a favorite picture or painting in a room. They can also be used to highlight interesting architectural elements of a room. If you want to bring attention to some of your favorite parts of your home, wall sconces are the subtle touch you need.
  • Interesting Additions – A pair of antique wall sconces can be an interesting focal point by themselves. A classy touch of the past with vintage wall sconces will have everyone asking where they can get some for their own home.

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Decorate Your Fireplace with an Antique Fireplace Screen

antique fireplace screenDo you have a fireplace at home? Would you like to bring some character to your fireplace and the rest of the room? An antique fireplace screen, which can still serve the function of blocking yourself from the powerful direct heat of a fireplace, can also be used as an interesting focal point in your home. People are always looking to add items to their home for a nice nod to the past, and a vintage fireplace screen makes a great addition.

Fireplace screens come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some look like simple metal grates, while others can be solid with intricate designs and patterns displaying the creativity of the artisans that created them. There are many beautiful fireplace screens available in brass, iron, bronze, and other metals just waiting for the right home. If you would like to add a vintage touch to your room and fireplace, there are plenty of great options of fireplace screens to choose from.

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