Must-Have Fireplace Accessories

gold fireplace bellowsHaving a fireplace is only the first step in making your home cozy and comfortable, but you can’t stop there. With the right antique fireplace accessories, you can actually get even more enjoyment out of your fireplace by making your fireplace easier and safer to use and by adding to the overall style of your home décor. There are a lot of options out there, but to get you started here are two must-have tools to start with.

When your fire is dying down and needs a boost, it’s a very unsafe practice to attempt to blow on your fire yourself. Handheld bellows are a much safer, and more practical, solution to give your fire a blast of air to stoke the fire.
This is also another safe and practical tool that is important to have nearby a fireplace. If your fireplace doesn’t have glass doors, then this is actually a necessity. Fires occasionally spit hot embers or sparks, and since you have no way of knowing when this will occur, having a screen in place will help prevent any safety issues related to that. They can also be a stylish feature to help add to your room’s style.

These two tools can help maintain a safe environment while using your fireplace as well as help with functionality. And, you don’t have to sacrifice style in order to use these because there are antique fireplace accessories out there that will actually help add flair to your home. Visit for high quality, beautiful antique fireplace accessories.