Must-Have Vintage Fireplace Tools

vintage fireplace tool setYou may have visited many of your friends’ and family’s homes in the past and admired their beautiful furnishings and decorations. One such piece you may be drawn to, especially when the weather starts getting cooler, is the fireplace. There are many different styles of fireplaces and each can be decorated lavishly or kept minimal, leaving you with endless possibilities of appearances for a fireplace. However, while you may be admiring some of those shiny objects near the fireplace as decorations, they’re actually essential tools. They not only help start and keep a fire going but also help you to do so safely. So, after appreciating others’ fireplaces and thinking about getting your own fireplace ready, be sure to include these must-have tools nearby.

The poker is the typical long, metal rod that sits beside a fireplace. It’s used to stir, poke, and prod the fire to pull burning embers to provide more heat for the kindling. You can also use the poker to stir the charcoal into fresh flames with the help of bellows.
Tongs are essential to help you safely pick up and move logs when there’s already a fire going. To make sure this is achievable, they need to be as strong and as simple as possible.
A fireplace brush is essential for keeping it neat and tidy. The special bristles are made so that they won’t melt in the heat near a fire and help keep stray ashes at bay.
The shovel is another way to make sure dangerous fireplace ash isn’t escaping or left in the fireplace to build up.

With these must-have vintage fireplace tools, you can both maintain your fireplace safely and make it look beautiful. Shop premium vintage fireplace tools at!

Best Placement for Your Fireplace

fireplace screensAs summer is nearing its end and fall is approaching, you may have started dreaming about cozy nights, reading a book beside the fire. This is easy, of course, if you have a fireplace already. However, if you don’t already have a fireplace installed in your residence and are thinking about purchasing one in time for the approaching colder months, there are things you need to keep in mind that will help you get optimal enjoyment out of it. You must really plan for the placement of a wood-burning fireplace or wood stove or you may have difficulties with backdraft and smoke. Here are things to keep in mind when considering where in your home your fireplace should be:

  • Your fireplace should be somewhere inside the building’s main structure, not on an exterior wall as they commonly are. When chimneys are attached to fireplaces in exterior walls, they can be negatively affected during cold weather. Due to the temperature’s effect on air flow, you will actually experience more difficulties lighting your fire.
  • The fireplace should be placed so that the chimney penetrates the building at or around the highest level as short chimney systems lack good draft. The higher the chimney, the warmer the chimney will be and the less wind turbulence will affect it.
  • Make sure your chimney is straight. The straighter, smoother the path is for combustion gases to exit, the greater the performance of your fire. They’ll start quicker and also have less smoke-related issues.

If you have the option to choose where your fireplace will be located, make sure to think about it carefully. Placing it in the proper place will help you maximize the ease, efficiency, and enjoyment you’ll get come time to snuggle up next to it. Another way to help optimize your enjoyment is by using the proper antique fireplace accessories. The right antique fireplace accessories will help you maintain and beautify your fireplace making it your own warm, welcoming, unique space, and you can find those at