Coal Caddys

At Adams Fireplace Shop, we’re proud to supply high-quality antique fireplace accessories for your fireplace. Our selection of vintage fireplace tools like our coal caddy collection and high quality fireplace bellows provide you with beautiful pieces that are perfect for either collecting or adding style to your current place of residence. Vintage coal caddys are great accessories to have as they allow you to easily access and maintain your coal supply for coal-fired stoves and heaters.

Having the right antique fireplace accessories can not only make your home more appealing, but also help you increase the enjoyment and ease in which you interact with your fireplace. We also offer restoration and polishing services for our antique lighting fixtures and vintage fireplace tools so your décor will shine as if it’s brand new!

Be sure to shop all of our selection like our fireplace bellows and other antique fireplace accessories today at!

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