Reasons to Replace Your Fireplace’s Andirons

elegant fireplaceMany people don’t know that the common metal supports holding up the wood in your fireplace are called “andirons.” Even fireplaces without andirons might benefit from a remodel to include them — they even accentuate a rarely-used fireplace that’s mostly for show. Replace your andirons for virtually any reason and you’re sure to love the look and function of the pieces offered.

New Look

Buy antique fireplace accessories to give your entire fireplace, from the accessories to the screen, a new look. A polished, refurbished set of vintage andirons lend an antique ambiance to your fireplace. Whether your décor for the entire room is classical in theme or you simply want an antique fireplace to serve as the focal point of a more modern look, there’s a pair of andirons at Adams Fireplace Shop for your home.

Worn Out Pair

Although we offer polishing services for your existing andirons, realizing your current andirons are worn-out might be the perfect opportunity to swap the look of your fireplace and buy another pair. You’d be surprised how different a fireplace can look simply by swapping out these key but often-overlooked parts.


Use a remodeling project as an opportunity to redesign your fireplace from top to bottom. The color and design you choose can serve as a focal point for your project or complement a carefully-selected design you already have in mind. Not all andirons are iron-colored. You can also choose a gold, silver or mixed color pair.

No matter what style your interior décor, Adams Fireplace Shop has the perfect andirons, screens, and fireplace accessories to suit your needs. Visit our Cambridge store location or shop online and give us a call for assistance in choosing the perfect fireplace flourishes for your home.

How to Choose the Right Color for your Fireplace Accessories

person sitting in front of fireplaceThinking about the color of your fireplace accessories may make you feel like you’re paying a little too much attention to detail. However, if you consider your fireplace a point of pride when it comes to the décor of your house, these kinds of details matter. Vintage forks, pokers, shovels, and the like complement both vintage and modern style fireplaces. All you need to know is which color to choose.

Wrought Iron

The most classic design among vintage fireplace tools is the wrought iron design. Not only will you find more of these antique fireplace accessories available, you’ll also find that the dark gray color goes with so many styles of fireplaces. They particularly compliment ones featuring a wrought iron or otherwise black or gray colored mantelpiece.


Gold conveys elegance, making a set of gold fireplace accessories pop out in an aesthetically pleasing way at the side of your fireplace. Gold is especially well-paired with a white or otherwise light-colored fireplace mantel design. However, it can also provide a great contrast for a darker fireplace.


Midway between gold and wrought iron, silver is an elegant option that goes well with both light and dark styles of mantelpieces. Alternatively, you can choose a silver design with gold handles or a wrought iron design with silver handles for a mixed look.

Adams Fireplace Shop has been in business for over a hundred years. We proudly stock a large variety of colors and designs for fireplace parts and accessories. If you need help deciding on a color, simply give one of our representatives a call or stop by our Cambridge store location.

Fireplace Installation Questions Part 2

Installing a new fireplace can be the perfect way to revamp a space and keep things cozy during the winter! However, you can’t just buy and install a new fireplace without considering a few important things first. In a previous blog, we went over a couple of these important questions. Here are a few more things to consider:living room with fireplace

How often do you intend to use it?
The style of the fireplace is important to ensure it fits just right in your home. The type of fireplace you choose is just as important for different reasons.  Varying fuel sources require different amounts of maintenance. This means that if you intend to use your fireplace more frequently, you must consider how much maintenance it will need and whether you are willing to do that. Gas and electric fireplaces require very little upkeep, while a classic wood burning fireplace requires attention while the fire is burning and regular cleaning maintenance.

Are you wary of return on your investment?
If you’re nervous about spending the money to purchase a fireplace with no return on investment, consider the value a fireplace adds to your home. Many furnishings in a home can raise the overall value of it, and fireplaces are increasingly becoming one of them.

With these questions in mind, the process of finding the right fireplace will be a simple and easy one. After you have the perfect fireplace in your home, you need the right tools to maintain it and keep it safe. An antique fireplace fender can help keep hazardous ember, soot and ash contained in a wood burning fireplace. Browse for one today at

Fireplace Installation Questions Part 1

burning firewoodAs we get deeper into winter and the nights get colder, the idea of sitting beside a warm fire is a comforting one. Fireplaces make great pieces not only for warmth, but they also add value to the home and an interesting focal point for your space. Since fireplaces are not something you frequently go out and buy, the process of purchasing and installing one is one that requires more attention. Here are some important questions to consider when you’re planning on adding a fireplace to your home:

What fuel does it use?
Different types of fireplaces require different types of fuel in order to burn. While the typical image that comes to mind is a fireplace with burning logs in it, there are many other options to consider. Each fuel type has pros and cons, so it’s important to determine how you will use your fireplace and what’s available near you before making a decision.

What style do you want?
Fireplaces are often associated with brick, classic styles, and a homey feeling. However, there are many other styles of fireplaces for you to choose from to ensure it fits perfectly into your home. There’s a multitude of design options from classic to modern, so look around and pick your favorite!

Asking these questions before you start searching for your new fireplace can be important to ensuring you find the right product in the end. After you finally have your new, cozy fireplace, it’s also important to have the right tools to maintain it. Visit for a selection of vintage fireplace tools that can increase the enjoyment and ease with which you use your fireplace.

Holiday Fireplace Safety Part 2

joy holiday decorationsThis time of year is full of fun decorations and holiday parties with family and friends. That’s one of the things we love about the winter months: sharing time with your friends and loved ones. A great way to enjoy the holiday season with others is by cozying up by the fireplace. Or, you may find yourself hosting a holiday party and getting a fire started for some ambiance. Either way, it’s important to keep fire safety practices in mind to keep your holidays going smoothly and happily. In a previous post, we discussed how to keep fire safety in mind while decorating, and now we’re going to elaborate a bit more on how to maintain fire safety when having guests over.

It’s Hot
Your guests will understand that a lit fire is hot, but some may not consider the fact that other parts of the fireplace itself will also be hot. If you have a screen or glass doors to protect from stray embers (which is an important safety feature to think about) they will also be very hot as well as the mantle of the fireplace. So, be sure your guests know to be cautious and avoid touching these areas.
No Food
“Chestnuts roasting on an open fire” is a Christmas lyric we know all too well, but this is not something you should ever do to get more in the spirit of the holidays. Make sure everyone knows that food in the fireplace, like marshmallows toasting, is a huge safety hazard and is not allowed in yours.

With these tips, we hope you can have a happy holiday season with family and friends without any hiccups along the way. For safety screens or other tools to help maintain your fire safely while also looking stylish, shop our selection of vintage fireplace tools at

Holiday Fireplace Safety Part 1

red christmas tree ornamentsWith our stomachs still full from Thanksgiving dinner, we see more holidays like Christmas and Hanukkah rapidly approaching – and with that comes decorating and holiday parties with family and friends. That’s one of the reasons the holiday season is so great: reuniting with those you care about most and having some shared time together. And, one of the coziest ways to do that during the winter is by gathering around the fireplace for some holiday cheer. However, you should be certain you’re maintaining proper fireplace safety to ensure nothing bad happens to ruin this time of year. Here are some things to keep in mind to maintain fireplace safety this holiday season:

We all know that fireplaces can naturally bring a sense of festivity to the room. However, you shouldn’t let this convince you to hang things like garland or stockings on the fireplace as they are both easily flammable and could cause a serious issue. Also make sure to have a screen (or an antique fireplace screen for more decoration) in order to prevent coals and embers from escaping onto nearby decorations.
Christmas Trees
You put a lot of time and effort into decorating your tree each year – don’t make the mistake of putting it too close to your fireplace. Keeping your tree a safe distance from your fireplace will prevent fires that could have serious consequences. Also be sure to keep your tree well hydrated as warm environments dry them out fast and turn them into dangerous fire hazards.

Keeping these things in mind can help you have a safer holiday season while still enjoying the warmth and ambiance your fireplace can provide. With the precaution of an antique fireplace screen you can snuggle up close without worry – shop our collection at!

The Right Fuel for Your Fireplace Part 2

Picking a new fireplace can be a very exciting process! There are a large variety of options for the kind of unit you specifically want, and each suits a different person’s needs. In a previous blog post, we began touching on some of the different kinds of fireplaces and their respective fuel sources, which is important information to know between deciding on a type of fireplace. However, we didn’t explain all the varieties and the fuel they need, so we’re here to explain some more to help you in your decision making process.

Wood fireplaces
burning wood fireThese are another one of the most popular choices in fireplaces, as they are traditional and will probably never go out of fashion. Wood, unlike the popular choice of gas, is considered “renewable,” and it also creates hearty fires that produce a lot of heat. Burning wood is also aesthetically pleasing, though these fireplaces require much more maintenance and cleaning unlike some other fireplace options.
Electric fireplaces
Electric fireplaces are another option that allow a lot of versatility. They can be placed in many locations throughout a home, and because there are no actual flames, the surrounding area does not get scalding, making these safer for pets and small children. The only downside to these popular options is that if you lose electricity during a cold storm, you won’t have your fireplace to heat you up.

Between these different fireplace options, there is definitely one that is right for you. Another thing to consider is how you will garnish your fireplace with appropriate tools and accessories. Vintage fireplace tools can take a normal, bland fireplace and make it instantly more attractive. To shop our selection of vintage fireplace tools, visit

The Right Fuel for Your Fireplace Part 1

There are a lot of heating appliances to choose from when you’re building a new home, remodeling your current one or just simply replacing your current fireplace. While this can be an exciting process, there are a lot of things you need to consider before choosing one. One important factor you should consider, something you will always have to be aware of, is the correct fuel each different unit needs to use. The variations like gas or wood-burning fireplaces each need a specific type of fuel to run properly. Here is a breakdown of the different units and their respective fuel sources.

Gas fireplaces
Gas fireplaces are one of the most popular selections of fireplaces. These are so popular because gas fireplaces need very little maintenance and have both vented and vent-free options. They also have more versatility in terms of placement in the home compared to other units, like wood fireplaces. The unfortunate aspect of choosing this kind of fireplace is that its fuel source is a non-renewable one. They are easy, not messy, and burn clean, but a shortage of gas means no fire.
Pellet fireplaces
These units burn for as long as 36 hours without being tended to and require some wood product pelletscleaning maintenance, but not much. Pellet fireplaces are fueled by burning chunky pellets made of different by-products of wood, like sawdust, to produce intense fires. Pellets can be purchased in large quantities, but it’s important to note if there is a pellet supply near you before choosing this kind of fireplace.

Different kinds of fireplaces also require different kinds of tools. Find the vintage fireplace tools you need at!

Creosote in Your Fireplace Part 2

wood fireplaceKnowing the safety hazards and dangers associated with your fireplace is important so that you can properly maintain it and keep it clean. This allows you to enjoy your fireplace fully without having to worry about these dangers. In a previous blog, we began touching on what creosote buildup is and how it can affect your fireplace and health. In this post, we’re here to give a little bit more information to help you make sure you’re keeping your fireplace at its maximum efficiency.

To start, we should delve a little deeper into the different varieties of creosote. The varieties are separated into different degrees: first, second, and third. First degree is quite similar to basic ash from wood as it’s soft and sooty. Second has a toffee-like consistency and is soft and crumbly. Be wary of seeing this kind because it could indicate you’ve had a chimney fire. Third degree is a glazed, tar-like substance and can only be removed with special equipment. As we mentioned, creosote is specifically a problem in wood burning appliances, but you should also get your gas appliances checked to be safe.

Knowing what creosote is and what dangers it can cause will help you maintain your fireplace and keep your home and family safe. With the right set of vintage fireplace tools, you can accomplish this with ease and style. Browse our online selection of vintage fireplace tools today at – orders can be picked up and we ship both domestically and internationally!

Creosote in Your Fireplace Part 1

wood fireCleaning your fireplace regularly, as we all know, is a very important part of your fireplace maintenance. It not only helps you maximize your fireplace’s efficiency, but also makes your fireplace much safer. Especially when cleaning wood burning appliances like stoves, inserts, and fireplaces, you must be careful because an annoying substance called creosote will build up when burning wood. But what exactly is creosote?

Creosote is a substance formed when wood is burned, especially when there’s limited airflow, and is a chemical mass of carbon. This occurs because of an incomplete combustion of the oils in the wood which results in them distributing as volatiles in the smoke. These particles then condense with water and carbon to create the black, oily residue that you may recognize building up in your fireplace or wood burning stove. This is creosote. As this substance builds up layers, it only further restricts the airflow to your chimney, making your fireplace less effective and increasing the likelihood more creosote will form. This is combustible but toxic, so if you allow this to build up in your fireplace and let it catch fire it will create fumes that are very harmful to you.

This makes it important to have the proper equipment to maintain and clean your fireplace. At, we have a large selection of vintage fireplace tools as well as antique lighting fixtures. Our tools can help you properly maintain your fireplace and we’ll continue posting content that can help you get the most out of your fireplace and its accessories. Browse our collection today.