Clean Your Fireplace Quickly

As September ends and October begins, you’re probably getting excited about the days when you can start using your fireplace every day. The idea of the crisp fall air and the leaves crunching outside while you are cozily lounging by the fire is a day dream we’d all love to get lost in. However, using your fireplace every day means you need to make sure you’re cleaning it frequently or else it can be a major safety hazard. While you may be worried about having the time to properly clean it, we’re here to help. Continue reading for some tips to get your fireplace clean quickly and efficiently. What you’ll need is a proper shovel and brush set, scrub brush, glass cleaner, rubber gloves, used coffee grounds, a spray bottle, dish-washing liquid and paper towels.

Make sure to start cleaning only if it’s been 24 hours since your last fire. Then, begin by removing the logs, tinder, and grate, setting aside any logs still usable. Then, to minimize the amount of ash that flies away, spread used coffee grounds on them and sweep the interior top to bottom, disposing of the ashes. Also be sure to sweep any and all screens top to bottom as well. Next up is the exterior. For brick, use water and hearth cleaner on sooty areas, and for iron just hearth cleaner. If you have stone, simply use dish washing liquid. Use the hearth cleaner again if you have glass doors, wiping down both sides. All there is left is drying and replacing anything you moved and voila – a nice, clean fireplace ready and safe for you to use all in less than a half an hour.

Keeping your fireplace clean is important not only for appearances but also for safety. Other ways to make your fireplace more attractive and cleaner is buying the right vintage fireplace tools and accessories. Browse our large variety of gorgeous vintage fireplace tools and lighting fixtures at!

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