How to Choose the Right Color for your Fireplace Accessories

person sitting in front of fireplaceThinking about the color of your fireplace accessories may make you feel like you’re paying a little too much attention to detail. However, if you consider your fireplace a point of pride when it comes to the décor of your house, these kinds of details matter. Vintage forks, pokers, shovels, and the like complement both vintage and modern style fireplaces. All you need to know is which color to choose.

Wrought Iron

The most classic design among vintage fireplace tools is the wrought iron design. Not only will you find more of these antique fireplace accessories available, you’ll also find that the dark gray color goes with so many styles of fireplaces. They particularly compliment ones featuring a wrought iron or otherwise black or gray colored mantelpiece.


Gold conveys elegance, making a set of gold fireplace accessories pop out in an aesthetically pleasing way at the side of your fireplace. Gold is especially well-paired with a white or otherwise light-colored fireplace mantel design. However, it can also provide a great contrast for a darker fireplace.


Midway between gold and wrought iron, silver is an elegant option that goes well with both light and dark styles of mantelpieces. Alternatively, you can choose a silver design with gold handles or a wrought iron design with silver handles for a mixed look.

Adams Fireplace Shop has been in business for over a hundred years. We proudly stock a large variety of colors and designs for fireplace parts and accessories. If you need help deciding on a color, simply give one of our representatives a call or stop by our Cambridge store location.

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