Reasons to Replace Your Fireplace’s Andirons

elegant fireplaceMany people don’t know that the common metal supports holding up the wood in your fireplace are called “andirons.” Even fireplaces without andirons might benefit from a remodel to include them — they even accentuate a rarely-used fireplace that’s mostly for show. Replace your andirons for virtually any reason and you’re sure to love the look and function of the pieces offered.

New Look

Buy antique fireplace accessories to give your entire fireplace, from the accessories to the screen, a new look. A polished, refurbished set of vintage andirons lend an antique ambiance to your fireplace. Whether your décor for the entire room is classical in theme or you simply want an antique fireplace to serve as the focal point of a more modern look, there’s a pair of andirons at Adams Fireplace Shop for your home.

Worn Out Pair

Although we offer polishing services for your existing andirons, realizing your current andirons are worn-out might be the perfect opportunity to swap the look of your fireplace and buy another pair. You’d be surprised how different a fireplace can look simply by swapping out these key but often-overlooked parts.


Use a remodeling project as an opportunity to redesign your fireplace from top to bottom. The color and design you choose can serve as a focal point for your project or complement a carefully-selected design you already have in mind. Not all andirons are iron-colored. You can also choose a gold, silver or mixed color pair.

No matter what style your interior décor, Adams Fireplace Shop has the perfect andirons, screens, and fireplace accessories to suit your needs. Visit our Cambridge store location or shop online and give us a call for assistance in choosing the perfect fireplace flourishes for your home.

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