Holiday Fireplace Safety Part 2

joy holiday decorationsThis time of year is full of fun decorations and holiday parties with family and friends. That’s one of the things we love about the winter months: sharing time with your friends and loved ones. A great way to enjoy the holiday season with others is by cozying up by the fireplace. Or, you may find yourself hosting a holiday party and getting a fire started for some ambiance. Either way, it’s important to keep fire safety practices in mind to keep your holidays going smoothly and happily. In a previous post, we discussed how to keep fire safety in mind while decorating, and now we’re going to elaborate a bit more on how to maintain fire safety when having guests over.

It’s Hot
Your guests will understand that a lit fire is hot, but some may not consider the fact that other parts of the fireplace itself will also be hot. If you have a screen or glass doors to protect from stray embers (which is an important safety feature to think about) they will also be very hot as well as the mantle of the fireplace. So, be sure your guests know to be cautious and avoid touching these areas.
No Food
“Chestnuts roasting on an open fire” is a Christmas lyric we know all too well, but this is not something you should ever do to get more in the spirit of the holidays. Make sure everyone knows that food in the fireplace, like marshmallows toasting, is a huge safety hazard and is not allowed in yours.

With these tips, we hope you can have a happy holiday season with family and friends without any hiccups along the way. For safety screens or other tools to help maintain your fire safely while also looking stylish, shop our selection of vintage fireplace tools at

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