The Right Fuel for Your Fireplace Part 1

There are a lot of heating appliances to choose from when you’re building a new home, remodeling your current one or just simply replacing your current fireplace. While this can be an exciting process, there are a lot of things you need to consider before choosing one. One important factor you should consider, something you will always have to be aware of, is the correct fuel each different unit needs to use. The variations like gas or wood-burning fireplaces each need a specific type of fuel to run properly. Here is a breakdown of the different units and their respective fuel sources.

Gas fireplaces
Gas fireplaces are one of the most popular selections of fireplaces. These are so popular because gas fireplaces need very little maintenance and have both vented and vent-free options. They also have more versatility in terms of placement in the home compared to other units, like wood fireplaces. The unfortunate aspect of choosing this kind of fireplace is that its fuel source is a non-renewable one. They are easy, not messy, and burn clean, but a shortage of gas means no fire.
Pellet fireplaces
These units burn for as long as 36 hours without being tended to and require some wood product pelletscleaning maintenance, but not much. Pellet fireplaces are fueled by burning chunky pellets made of different by-products of wood, like sawdust, to produce intense fires. Pellets can be purchased in large quantities, but it’s important to note if there is a pellet supply near you before choosing this kind of fireplace.

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