The Right Fuel for Your Fireplace Part 2

Picking a new fireplace can be a very exciting process! There are a large variety of options for the kind of unit you specifically want, and each suits a different person’s needs. In a previous blog post, we began touching on some of the different kinds of fireplaces and their respective fuel sources, which is important information to know between deciding on a type of fireplace. However, we didn’t explain all the varieties and the fuel they need, so we’re here to explain some more to help you in your decision making process.

Wood fireplaces
burning wood fireThese are another one of the most popular choices in fireplaces, as they are traditional and will probably never go out of fashion. Wood, unlike the popular choice of gas, is considered “renewable,” and it also creates hearty fires that produce a lot of heat. Burning wood is also aesthetically pleasing, though these fireplaces require much more maintenance and cleaning unlike some other fireplace options.
Electric fireplaces
Electric fireplaces are another option that allow a lot of versatility. They can be placed in many locations throughout a home, and because there are no actual flames, the surrounding area does not get scalding, making these safer for pets and small children. The only downside to these popular options is that if you lose electricity during a cold storm, you won’t have your fireplace to heat you up.

Between these different fireplace options, there is definitely one that is right for you. Another thing to consider is how you will garnish your fireplace with appropriate tools and accessories. Vintage fireplace tools can take a normal, bland fireplace and make it instantly more attractive. To shop our selection of vintage fireplace tools, visit

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