Clean Your Fireplace Quickly

As September ends and October begins, you’re probably getting excited about the days when you can start using your fireplace every day. The idea of the crisp fall air and the leaves crunching outside while you are cozily lounging by the fire is a day dream we’d all love to get lost in. However, using your fireplace every day means you need to make sure you’re cleaning it frequently or else it can be a major safety hazard. While you may be worried about having the time to properly clean it, we’re here to help. Continue reading for some tips to get your fireplace clean quickly and efficiently. What you’ll need is a proper shovel and brush set, scrub brush, glass cleaner, rubber gloves, used coffee grounds, a spray bottle, dish-washing liquid and paper towels.

Make sure to start cleaning only if it’s been 24 hours since your last fire. Then, begin by removing the logs, tinder, and grate, setting aside any logs still usable. Then, to minimize the amount of ash that flies away, spread used coffee grounds on them and sweep the interior top to bottom, disposing of the ashes. Also be sure to sweep any and all screens top to bottom as well. Next up is the exterior. For brick, use water and hearth cleaner on sooty areas, and for iron just hearth cleaner. If you have stone, simply use dish washing liquid. Use the hearth cleaner again if you have glass doors, wiping down both sides. All there is left is drying and replacing anything you moved and voila – a nice, clean fireplace ready and safe for you to use all in less than a half an hour.

Keeping your fireplace clean is important not only for appearances but also for safety. Other ways to make your fireplace more attractive and cleaner is buying the right vintage fireplace tools and accessories. Browse our large variety of gorgeous vintage fireplace tools and lighting fixtures at!

Must-Have Vintage Fireplace Tools

vintage fireplace tool setYou may have visited many of your friends’ and family’s homes in the past and admired their beautiful furnishings and decorations. One such piece you may be drawn to, especially when the weather starts getting cooler, is the fireplace. There are many different styles of fireplaces and each can be decorated lavishly or kept minimal, leaving you with endless possibilities of appearances for a fireplace. However, while you may be admiring some of those shiny objects near the fireplace as decorations, they’re actually essential tools. They not only help start and keep a fire going but also help you to do so safely. So, after appreciating others’ fireplaces and thinking about getting your own fireplace ready, be sure to include these must-have tools nearby.

The poker is the typical long, metal rod that sits beside a fireplace. It’s used to stir, poke, and prod the fire to pull burning embers to provide more heat for the kindling. You can also use the poker to stir the charcoal into fresh flames with the help of bellows.
Tongs are essential to help you safely pick up and move logs when there’s already a fire going. To make sure this is achievable, they need to be as strong and as simple as possible.
A fireplace brush is essential for keeping it neat and tidy. The special bristles are made so that they won’t melt in the heat near a fire and help keep stray ashes at bay.
The shovel is another way to make sure dangerous fireplace ash isn’t escaping or left in the fireplace to build up.

With these must-have vintage fireplace tools, you can both maintain your fireplace safely and make it look beautiful. Shop premium vintage fireplace tools at!

Best Placement for Your Fireplace

fireplace screensAs summer is nearing its end and fall is approaching, you may have started dreaming about cozy nights, reading a book beside the fire. This is easy, of course, if you have a fireplace already. However, if you don’t already have a fireplace installed in your residence and are thinking about purchasing one in time for the approaching colder months, there are things you need to keep in mind that will help you get optimal enjoyment out of it. You must really plan for the placement of a wood-burning fireplace or wood stove or you may have difficulties with backdraft and smoke. Here are things to keep in mind when considering where in your home your fireplace should be:

  • Your fireplace should be somewhere inside the building’s main structure, not on an exterior wall as they commonly are. When chimneys are attached to fireplaces in exterior walls, they can be negatively affected during cold weather. Due to the temperature’s effect on air flow, you will actually experience more difficulties lighting your fire.
  • The fireplace should be placed so that the chimney penetrates the building at or around the highest level as short chimney systems lack good draft. The higher the chimney, the warmer the chimney will be and the less wind turbulence will affect it.
  • Make sure your chimney is straight. The straighter, smoother the path is for combustion gases to exit, the greater the performance of your fire. They’ll start quicker and also have less smoke-related issues.

If you have the option to choose where your fireplace will be located, make sure to think about it carefully. Placing it in the proper place will help you maximize the ease, efficiency, and enjoyment you’ll get come time to snuggle up next to it. Another way to help optimize your enjoyment is by using the proper antique fireplace accessories. The right antique fireplace accessories will help you maintain and beautify your fireplace making it your own warm, welcoming, unique space, and you can find those at

Must-Have Fireplace Accessories

gold fireplace bellowsHaving a fireplace is only the first step in making your home cozy and comfortable, but you can’t stop there. With the right antique fireplace accessories, you can actually get even more enjoyment out of your fireplace by making your fireplace easier and safer to use and by adding to the overall style of your home décor. There are a lot of options out there, but to get you started here are two must-have tools to start with.

When your fire is dying down and needs a boost, it’s a very unsafe practice to attempt to blow on your fire yourself. Handheld bellows are a much safer, and more practical, solution to give your fire a blast of air to stoke the fire.
This is also another safe and practical tool that is important to have nearby a fireplace. If your fireplace doesn’t have glass doors, then this is actually a necessity. Fires occasionally spit hot embers or sparks, and since you have no way of knowing when this will occur, having a screen in place will help prevent any safety issues related to that. They can also be a stylish feature to help add to your room’s style.

These two tools can help maintain a safe environment while using your fireplace as well as help with functionality. And, you don’t have to sacrifice style in order to use these because there are antique fireplace accessories out there that will actually help add flair to your home. Visit for high quality, beautiful antique fireplace accessories.

How to Maintain Your Wood-Burning Fireplace Part 2

fireplace tools for saleFireplace maintenance is important for preserving the life of your fireplace. An annual chimney cleaning should be done to clear away soot and debris, but maintaining your fireplace should be something you do regularly along with use of your fireplace. There are things you can do when you use your fireplace to make sure it burns efficiently and does not produce excessive soot and debris.

  • Clean Ash from Fireplace – When ash reaches the bottom of your grate, it can impede airflow and can produce more smoke and soot in your chimney. Clear away ash when too much is in the fireplace. A good rule of thumb is to leave at least an inch of ash to more easily maintain a fire.
  • Test Your Fireplace – Lighting some small pieces of well-seasoned wood will help you test the performance of your fireplace. If smoke fills your room instead of exiting through the chimney, some immediate troubleshooting will need to take place. There may be something visibly blocking the way of the chimney; a closed damper or wet wood can all cause this to happen.
  • Burn Only Seasoned Wood – Wood should be cut and dried for 6 to 12 months under cover before being burned in a fireplace. A meter can be used to find out the amount of moisture in a piece of wood. Wood that registers less than 20% is perfect for your fireplace. Fresh or “green” wood will not burn as thoroughly and will create more soot and debris in your chimney and fireplace.

It helps to have the right tools to maintain your fireplace while it is in operation and after your fire is out. If you would like to see a great selection of fireplace tools for sale, Adams Fireplace Shop has hundreds of antique and vintage fireplace tools for sale online and in store at our Cambridge, Massachusetts store. Visit us in person or shop online today at

How to Maintain Your Wood-Burning Fireplace Part 1

fireplace fenderMany people enjoy the benefits of having a wood-burning fireplace. The warmth on cool nights, the flickering light from the flames, the wood fire smell, all add comfort and ambiance to your home. To keep your fireplace lasting for years to come, you need to make sure you properly maintain it. What should you do to maintain your wood-burning fireplace?

  • Remove Ash from Firebox – wood-burning fireplaces may have an ash dump to remove ash from the firebox, or you can remove ashes from your fireplace once the fire has been completely put out and the ashes are cold. Removing ashes will ensure an even burn for your next fire and the ashes can actually be recycled. As a good source of plant nutrients, ashes can be sprinkled over flower beds.
  • Hire a Chimney Sweep – Once a year your chimney should be professionally inspected and swept as a part of fireplace maintenance. Chimneys become coated with soot and debris from use over time. You put yourself at risk for a fire if the soot is not properly cleaned out yearly. At the same time your chimney is cleaned, the bricks will be inspected. Missing, loose, and cracked bricks will need to be repaired or replaced to ensure the fireplace and chimney function properly.

When lighting a fire in your wood-burning fireplace, it is important to also make sure the area around your fireplace is safe. A fireplace fender in front of your fireplace will protect you and surrounding areas from ashes and sparks from the fireplace. If you would like an antique or vintage fireplace fender for your home, Adams Fireplace Shop has a great selection online and in store at our Cambridge, MA location.

Why You Need a Pair of Antique Wall Sconces

antique wall sconcesLooking for wall sconces to add a little bit of light and style to your home? How about a pair of antique wall sconces to add some vintage flair and class? Wall sconces and lighting in general can really set the mood of your house. There are plenty of uses for wall sconces, and adding a pair of vintage wall sconces can really tie the rooms of your home together.

  • A Little Light Goes a Long Way – Sometimes rooms in your house may seem dreary because there is not enough light. Wall sconces can provide enough light to a room without being overbearing.
  • Accent Art & Architecture – A pair of wall sconces can be used to accent a favorite picture or painting in a room. They can also be used to highlight interesting architectural elements of a room. If you want to bring attention to some of your favorite parts of your home, wall sconces are the subtle touch you need.
  • Interesting Additions – A pair of antique wall sconces can be an interesting focal point by themselves. A classy touch of the past with vintage wall sconces will have everyone asking where they can get some for their own home.

If you would like to add a pair of antique wall sconces to your home, Adams Fireplace Shop has a wide array of options for you to choose from. Along with our great selection of vintage wall sconces, we have plenty of other great antique lighting with floor and table lamps, as well as hanging light fixtures. Visit today to shop our stock of antique lighting today.

Decorate Your Fireplace with an Antique Fireplace Screen

antique fireplace screenDo you have a fireplace at home? Would you like to bring some character to your fireplace and the rest of the room? An antique fireplace screen, which can still serve the function of blocking yourself from the powerful direct heat of a fireplace, can also be used as an interesting focal point in your home. People are always looking to add items to their home for a nice nod to the past, and a vintage fireplace screen makes a great addition.

Fireplace screens come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some look like simple metal grates, while others can be solid with intricate designs and patterns displaying the creativity of the artisans that created them. There are many beautiful fireplace screens available in brass, iron, bronze, and other metals just waiting for the right home. If you would like to add a vintage touch to your room and fireplace, there are plenty of great options of fireplace screens to choose from.

If you are interested in adding an antique fireplace screen to your home, you can shop online today. Adams Fireplace Shop has a great selection of fireplace screens to choose from, dating from as far back as the year 1820. Visit to shop our vintage fireplace screens and other antique fireplace equipment today.

Complete Your Fireplace with Antique Andirons

antique andironsHave you just moved into a home with an open fireplace? Congratulations, you will now be able to enjoy the comfort of a warm fire on a cold night. If you have never had a fireplace before, you may notice a pair of decorative metal pieces that sit out in front with a bar extending to the back of the fireplace. These are called andirons. Andirons were a functional and decorative invention of the 16th century. These antique andirons were used to lift logs off of the fireplace floor for additional air circulation. The air circulation under the logs creates a more robust fire. They also provided the function of preventing logs from rolling out of the fireplace. Unfortunately for andirons, grates were created in the 18th century and became the better tool for the job.

While some people ditched their andirons after the introduction of grates, others kept their andirons as pure decoration choosing to move them out of the fireplace to rest in front. These pieces were created in many different styles and materials and are truly an impressive sign of much simpler times. Now many people with antique and vintage fireplaces are looking for andirons to complement the rest of their room and complete their antique fireplace set.

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Welcome to the Adams Fireplace Shop Blog

antique fireplace toolsWelcome to the Adams Fireplace Shop Blog. Established in 1908, Adams Fireplace Shop originally began as a business selling coal, kindling, and ice to both stores and homes in and around Boston, Massachusetts from a pushcart. Over the years the business grew, specializing in selling vintage, antique, and reproduction fireplace equipment, tools, and lighting. For over 100 years, Adams Fireplace shop has provided Boston, Massachusetts and surrounding areas with exceptional products and customer service. Now our selection of antique fireplace tools, equipment and lighting is available in store at our Cambridge, Massachusetts store as well as online to ship to customers worldwide.

Hundreds of options are available at Adams Fireplace Shop for antique fireplace andirons, fenders, screens, lighting, and accessories. We always stock 400 wall sconces, at least 500 pairs of andirons, and 300 different fireplace fenders. We offer the largest selection in New England in a variety of price ranges and materials. Antique and vintage fireplace equipment and lighting are available in brass, iron, bronze, bell metal, and silver-plated options.

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